SBA Blog:  29 APRIL 2022

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Posted by: 
Stuart Bishop
Managing Director
Chartered Practice

SB Architects are delighted to have submitted a planning application on behalf of A & J Stephen Ltd, for Phase 1 of their west Brechin masterplan at Dubton Farm.  The application is for 47 new homes over the 2 hectare first phase, part of the wider masterplan also designed by SB Architects.

The masterplan has been designed to ensure compliance with the Angus Council Development Brief, seeking to put place-making at the heart of the design and deliver a new neighbourhood that is contextual, has a legible character and its own sense of place.

The site slopes to the north and is therefore highly visible from the south side and wider landscape setting.  The visual impact of the masterplan on the landscape setting is hugely important and this has been minimised with carefully considered structured landscaping, with trees forming the ridge line to provide a green / soft visible skyline rather than roof ridges.  Single storey units only are located around the ridge, with 2 storey houses further down the slope.

To the south boundary, the existing main road into Brechin Town borders the site.  Development is set back from this edge with landscaped open space creating a buffer zone.  This ensures there is a smooth visual transition from rural to urban along the main road when entering Brechin, again helping to minimise the visual impact of the development.

A series of public green open spaces are located throughout the development, all linked via core paths or pedestrian focussed roads.  This network knits into the existing surrounding core path network, ensuring that the neighbourhood is permeable, accessible and seen as an established part of the community.

SBA Dubton Farm MP.JPG
dubton street elevs.JPG