SBA Blog:  07 DECEMBER 2020


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Stuart Bishop

Managing Director

Public Launch of SB Architects


After several months of hard work and preparation, it gives me enormous pleasure to announce the public launch of SB Architects, and to introduce you to the team that I hope many of you reading this post will have the opportunity to work with over the coming months and years!


You will no doubt agree that these past few months have been some of the most unexpected and difficult that many of us are likely to face, both in terms of the impact on our personal lives but also in the resultant economic hardships.  Some may question the timing of establishing a new business in the midst of a pandemic.  However I very much take a positive view on the current and future health of the construction sector's economic situation.  It is clear that the backbone of the construction sector, the housing market, continues to remain strong with no signs of weakening, and long may that continue.  Our exceptional experience in housing delivery positions us well to take advantage of this.  In particular, the affordable housing market is more buoyant than ever and it has significant funding ringfenced over the next few years with the government having repledged their financial commitment to delivering on their ambitious affordable housebuilding targets.  

Over the past few months I have assembled a team of outstanding designers with decades of combined experience across a range of sectors.  I've been lucky enough to work with every one of them extensively in the past so we know each other's capabilities and skillsets very well indeed, allowing us to work efficiently from the outset of this new venture.  Our collective experience of project delivery, from small scale to large, and particularly in the residential sector, places us in a strong position. 

Four of the team members at SBA (Chris, Kevin, Kadum and myself) whilst in previous practice, played a significant role in the delivery of one of Scotland's largest residential regeneration projects at Pennywell in Edinburgh.  Delivering over 750 new mixed tenure homes for Urban Union Ltd and City of Edinburgh Council and constructed by Robertson Partnership Homes, the development is multi-award winning and truly transformational for the area - regeneration in the truest sense.

We intend to make a significant contribution towards the government's ambitious housing targets and the associated economic recovery.  We intend to reinforce existing client relationships and establish many new ones.  We intend to grow our project portfolio both in the residential sectors and in other sectors.  We intend to grow the SBA team and deliver an exceptional service to our valued clients.  With several affordable housing projects already in the pipeline, we will play our part.

The past few months have resulted in changes to working practices across the world, with home working becoming the norm for many.  This emerging model of flexible working is fully embraced by the SBA team.  We have office accommodation in the city centre, but partial home working, flexible hours and consultancy basis working is currently the norm for us and we're keen to retain the incidental benefits of the pandemic as the practice grows from strength to strength.

Lastly, I'd very much welcome you to pick up the phone or drop me an email to have a chat, even if only to wish us the very best of luck in our new venture.

Best wishes,

Stuart Bishop

Managing Director

T:  0774 8022274