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NEWS: Nov 2023 - 4 years of SBA

A landmark date for SBA!!!!  The end of November 2023 marks SBAs entry into our 4th year in business.  We're extremely proud of this achievment and wish to offer huge thanks to our valued clients, colleagues, and consultant teams who have helped in our success.  As our client list has grown over the past 3 years, so too has our project portfolio ranging in scale from small 10 unit housing developments up to multi-phase 600+ unit masterplans.  Our Managing Director, Stuart Bishop,  is delighted about achieving this milestone and had this to say:

"The past 4 years have exceeded our expectations.  From day 1 our established relationships with valued clients continued and for that we are hugely thankful.  We know from feedback that this continued client loyalty is as a result of the skills, expertise and experience we have within SBA.  As a small practice, our business model differs from most.  We always have experienced team members at the helm of each project, not just managing the project but also carrying out the day to day actions.  This ensures every aspect of the project is in safe hands and we know our clients appreciate and value this.  We look forward to the next chapter and the continued success of SBA and our clients!"

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